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    Exclusive Content

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    IGH Salutes Kevin Williams


    It’s Military Appreciation Month, but at IGH we make a year-round point to recognize employees who served in the Armed Forces. In this “IGH Salutes” post, we’ll introduce you to Kevin Williams, a U.S. Army veteran. Read More

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    Hire Vets in the Private Sector


    At IGH, we feel skills learned in the military should lead to private-sector jobs. And our hiring record shows it. Read More

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    Wellness During COVID-19


    Prior to COVID-19, most busy adults had issues disconnecting. Now, terms like “overwhelmed” or “burned out” resonate more than ever before.  Read More

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    Government Contracting in Military Health Care During COVID-19 Anything but Predictable

    05/04/2020 11:43 AM

    Once my company lands a contract, we are expected to execute the deliverables as defined in the contract. It’s basic principles like this that allow federal and private partnerships to work. But COVID-19 has changed the way America gets work done.  Read More

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    IGH Salutes Ron Cruz


    Our new blog series, “IGH Salutes,” recognizes the service of the veterans in our midst. The skills Ron Cruz learned in the military are directly applicable to his responsibilities at IGH for the Defense Health Agency. Read More

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    USAID Summary of Frankfurt Small Business Conference


    IGH CEO Michael Sanders attended USAID’s 2020 Overseas U.S. Small Business Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Read More

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    Happy Birthday, U.S. Army Reserve!


    Happy Birthday, U.S. Army Reserve! What began in 1908 as a small corps, now boasts a force of nearly 200,000 Army Reserve Soldiers. Read More

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    Apply Now: Resource Advisor for the Georgia Army National Guard

    04/14/2020 06:28 PM

    Hiring continues at IGH! We’re seeking a Resource Advisor for the Georgia Army National Guard, based in Marietta, GA. Apply now!  Read More

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    The IGH CEO’s Five Tips for Navigating the New World of WFH


    The IGH CEO’s Five Tips for Navigating the New World of WFH Read More


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